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Maternity reflexology #01

Maternity reflexology

As women go through life, at various times the body undergoes major changes, be it from girl to woman, during pregnancy, going through the menapause or approaching senior years. Maternity reflexology deals with the time of life from conception to birth.

Reflexology may help the body prior to conception by creating balance and harmony which enables us to attain and maintain health and well being, all of which are so important when a woman is trying to conceive.
During pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes which will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body. Reflexology may help to alleviate discomfort arising from this imbalance.
However,it should be remembered that every woman is different and each person will have differing experiences.

Is reflexology safe during pregnancy?

Reflexology is generally considered safe provided that all is well with your pregnancy. I always request that you advise your midwife that you are having reflexology treatments and tell me if there are any concerns.
As a maternity reflexologist I cannot give medical or obstetric advice and always put the care of the client first.


When to commence treatments
Ideally, if you are planning to become pregnant, it might help to have some treatments prior to conception. This may help the body to be in a relaxed and balanced state.
If you are already pregnant, then the ideal time to begin treatment is around 12 weeks.

Frequency of treatment

This varies depending on the pregnancy but ideally, I would suggest once a month up until 30 weeks and then slightly shorter treatments but every two weeks until the birth. This is always done with your consent, that of you midwife and may change depending on how the pregnancy is progressing.

Maternity reflexology #02

After the birth.

Following the birth, reflexology may help the body to restore its natural balance. The effects of reflexology could help you to remain relaxed and calm at possibly the largest life changing time of your life.

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